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Confetti Design, celebrating small businesses.

At Confetti Design we specialise in branding and?small business website design services Melbourne and Bayside area.
Confetti Design primary purpose is to help small businesses get known online by making the process easy and affordable – but not at the expense of quality. We are partners in your success. Once your beautiful site is live we continue to support you with sound digital marketing and SEO services.

Craft Powerful Client Raves For Your Business With Our


Help your website visitors find out what is amazing about you and your services.
Testimonials are a valuable form of social proof that gives your value-claims more legitimacy.


Authentic, aligned brand identities to attract the right customers for you.
Logo’s, product packaging, brochures, brand identities.


Websites designed to be enthralling, functional and work hard to sell your business.
Wordpress website design, Shopify online stores, membership sites.


Gain insights into your business and customers to establish a brand they will love


On-point website content, blogs, newsletters and more to entice and engage. SEO to support your copy and help you get found.


Lean on our network of talented collaborators in graphic design, social media, videography, photography, marketing and website maintenance

The Confetti Design Difference

Our Clarity Process Is what makes us stand apart. It is questionnaire that is both thorough and thought provoking, ensuring we uncover all your brand values, personal and business missions whilst putting your customer at the forefront of all your strategic and service decisions. Many might say it’s a brief but for us, it's the magic piece of the puzzle that ensures your designs are perfect to help you grow your business.

Our Work

“How you present yourself online is a vital part of your customer experience. Our role as designers is to think about your positioning and your customer so that first impression is compelling and leads to potential new business for you. We do this by offering the best possible brand and small business website design services.”
Johannah Barton, founder of Confetti Design

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